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No – over the years Google have made it increasingly difficult to obtain a refund and it’s up to the advertiser to prove that there is suspicious behaviour occurring. This can often be in the form of unusually high click volumes on certain keywords or strange CTR figures. Automating the task of creating a support ticket and communicating with Google Support needs to be done either by the advertiser or your PPC manager. Click Guardian should be used as a proactive solution to click fraud.

  1. Once signed up for your free 7 day trial, we you will gain access to your own personalised dashboard. Initially you install a snippet of tracking code to your web site so we can monitor your visitors.
  2. As well as relying on our algorithm to detect click fraud, you can setup custom rules to prevent excessive ad clicking. The rules you setup and the features you enable allow our system to detect click fraud.
  3. Once click fraud has been detected, our system automatically sends an IP block to your Google Ads campaigns which in turn prevents ads being served to an offender. At this point we can send you an email notification to warn you of the block. Your dashboard records all web site visitors and IP exclusions that have been sent to your Google Ads campaigns so you can keep track of click fraud activity.

Click Guardian tracks a multitude of information including:

  • Unique IP address
  • Geographic Location
  • Browser Type
  • Operating System
  • Device Type
  • Host Name & Port Number
  • Referring Page
  • Exact Date & time of click

With this information we are able to rank the likeliness of the visitor being legitimate or whether a click fraud situation has arisen.

To get started now, sign up for a free 7 day trial. Your account will be activated immediately and you will be sent complete instructions via email on how to get started.

Yes, Click Guardian uses a Fingerprinting technology to determine a device. If the same device then clicks on your ads multiple times we will block the IP address of the device on their first click back superseding any other custom rules you have setup. This will also be reported in the exclusions section in your dashboard.

The Basic and Pro packages allow for 1 web site – the Pro+ package allows for 3 web sites. Have more? Contact us for more information.

Click Guardian is free for the first 7 days and £20.83 + VAT (£25) p/, thereafter. Further pricing information available here.

Yes, installing Click Guardian is easy to setup with Wordpress, Simply add the Header & Footer Plugin: and Activate. Hover over Settings in the Menu bar and click on Header & Footer – add your snippet of tracking code in the HEAD on all page and Save.

Click Guardian use Stripe & PayPal to process secure, subscription payments. The setup process is performed via a simple, secure online page and takes just moments.

Click Guardian use Stripe to process secure, Credit Card payments. The setup process is performed via a simple, secure online page and takes just moments.

Part of the Premium Feature pack, we can detect and block clicks originating from VPNs. This is a feature that you simply enable/disable and we do the rest. If a click originates from a VPN we automatically block, superseding any other custom rules you have setup. This will also be reported in the exclusions section in your dashboard.

Click Guardian is the UK's leading anti click fraud detection and protection service. The advanced features you get with all of our packages means you can rest assured that click fraud is being detected and dealt with in real-time without any need for human interaction. Click Guardian is constantly evolving to new threats and new features are being developed continuously to stay on top of the click fraud problem.

Click Guardian is a fully automated tool to detect and then block click fraud the moment it happens. No other UK anti click fraud service offers the same level of advanced protection and insights as us.

Last but not least, our support is based in the UK and you'll get a super-fast response should you ever need our help!

About Click Fraud

Click fraud is a global problem that at one time or another is highly likely to affect you. If the level of abuse goes undetected by Google then it's up to your to collate information and present a case to Google to recover the results of fraudulent clicks.

With no official statistics advertised by Google it's difficult to provide exact statistics that confirm the extent of the problem. However, the model that pay per click works on is subject to abuse by anyone, whether that be a competitor or a malicious individual trying to deplete your advertising budget.

Click fraud is when your daily spend on Google Ads is inflated by competitors, people or bots by way of clicking on your ads maliciously. This kind of behaviour can lead to advertisers reconsidering Google Ads as a viable method to advertise their business thus handing an advantage to the perpetrator.

Google do have systems that detect click fraud but do not prevent fraud in the same way that Click Guardian are able to. If Google detect fraud they will reimburse your account in the form of credits. The problem with this is that the fraud has already occurred, some or all of your budget would have already been exhausted and your ad will not be showing, whilst your competitors ads are.

Click Guardian is fully GDPR compliant and committed to safeguarding and preserving the privacy of our visitors. We take this matter very seriously and will always respect your right to privacy. Click Guardian takes every reasonable precaution to ensure that your information is only used in the ways outlined by our Privacy Policy and within compliance of the Click Guardian Terms and Conditions:

Click Guardian Privacy Policy
Click Guardian Terms & Conditions